The Healthy Blocks initiative, a program of NeighborWorks® Rochester, works with neighborhoods in the City of Rochester to bolster property conditions, resident engagement, and neighborhood image. Healthy Blocks has been active in the Triangle since 2014, helping this area to develop its unique identity through organizational support and project funding.


property Conditions

Healthy Blocks works to improve property conditions for individual households and in the public sphere. Completed projects include four artistic bike racks and a Shawn Dunwoody community mural around the Culver-Merchants point, a Makeover Madness Project for businesses on Culver Road and East Main Street, a public micro-park outside the Cobblestone house on Culver Road, and a series of four artistic gateway elements by Thievin' Stephen at the corners of the four neighborhoods that meet at Culver Road and East Main Street (North Winton Village, The Triangle, Beechwood, and ACE). In addition to the free home energy audits and first-time home-buyer services available to residents through NeighborWorks® Rochester, homeowners in Healthy Blocks neighborhoods are eligible for reduced-rate home improvement loans and loan-grant combination funding, even after the end of the current Healthy Blocks period. To learn more about available services, click here.


Resident engagement

Healthy Blocks engages the neighborhood through leadership training, event and project planning opportunities, clean-ups and more. 

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neighborhood image

Funding and support from the Healthy Blocks initiative helped to develop the name "the Triangle", as well as the neighborhood's logo and brand statement. Healthy Blocks focuses on crafting a unique and lasting identity for its target areas.

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